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·         Chevy Volt and Charging systems

            Instructor: Stephen Marlin

·         Secure Data release model

            Instructor: Bill Haas

·         European Network Management Diagnostics

            Instructor: Dominic Felix

·         Hybrid Vehicle Braking Systems  

            Instructor: Chuck Kennedy

·         Scope Based CAN Diagnostics  

            Instructor: Al Santini

·         Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti Engine Control Systems

            Instructor: Rick Escalambre

·         Steering and Stability Control

            Instructor: Dave Hobbs

·         EPA Section 609 Certification

            Instructor: Bob Starr

·         MACS 2011 Air Conditioning Update Clinic

            Instructor: Paul DeGuiseppi

·         Mastering Emissions Readiness Monitors (NYS DMV)

            Instructor: Larry Levine

·         Modern Powertrain Management

            Instructor: Dave Buckshaw

·         TPMS Technology & Mastering ABS / TCS

            Instructor: Dave Hobbs

·         1 Day “All Day” Auto & Truck Hands-On
Electrical / Electronics Troubleshooting Workshop

            Instructor: Vince Fischelli

·         Setting Monitors to run & pass & making sence of CAN networking

            Instructor: Al Santini

·         All about Troubleshooting Solid State Relays

            Instructor: Vince Fischelli

·         2010 Mobile Air Conditioning systems update

            Instructor: Paul DeGuiseppi

·         Is it the transmission or not? Electronic transmission drivability and diagnosis

            Instructor: Wayne Colonna

·         Ford Electronics Systems Diagnosis

            Instructor: Mike Cleary

·         Hands on BMW Engine Management II

            Instructor: Dominic Felix

·         Anti Theft Systems

            Instructor: Dave Hobbs

·         Hands On Hybrid Training (Prerequisites required)

            Instructor: John Forro

·         Hybrid: "Present and Future"

            Instructor: Jack Rosebro